Although the final public release of Windows 9 (code named “Threshold“) is not expected until early 2015, a “technical preview” is expected by the end of September or early October.

Technical previews are really just “alpha” or “beta” copies of Windows that are sometimes released for software developers and other computer professionals to review in preparation for a new Windows version.

But sometimes Microsoft makes technical previews available to everyone, which is what I’m hoping for this time with Windows 9.

The great thing about technical previews is that they give a great idea about how a new version of Windows will really look and feel. And you can rest assured that when the preview is released later this month, I’ll check it out for you and post a review with all the new changes.

Of course, you would never want to download and install a technical preview on a “production” computer (i.e. there’s always a good possibility that the preview will have bugs and possibly crash), but if you have a spare machine sitting around, it can be a fun way to get yourself ready for a new Windows version.

But in the meantime, this past week, a German blog site called WinFuture (CLICK HERE to visit the blog, which is written in German) which got an “early-bird version” of the upcoming technical preview, posted some videos and screenshots of the redesigned Start Menu that Windows 9 will feature.

I thought my students might like to see them, so I’m posting two of them here.  Both are under 2 minutes long and only have a music background (so no German voices).

By the way, there are rumors flying around saying that Microsoft might actually make Windows 9 a FREE upgrade for ALL Windows users, including Windows Vista and Windows 7. Of course, I’ll believe it when I actually see it, but keep your fingers crossed!

Windows 9: The New Start Menu


Windows 9: The New Multi-Desktop in Action


CryptoLocker – A “bad” example of ransomware

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[UPDATE: August 10, 2014] Some good news for those affected by CryptoLocker! FireEye and Fox-It (two companies that provide corporate security solutions) have created a support web site called DeCryptCryptolocker (www.decryptcryptolocker.com). Those who are infected with CryptoLocker can go to the DeCryptCryptolocker site, which allows you to enter your email address and then upload to them one of your infected […]

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