One of my favorite online destinations is Google, in fact, on most of my computer browsers Google is my home page!

Sure, part of the reason for this is that I’m often “looking for things” on the Internet, and Google is the perfect place to start since its main purpose in life is to be a “search engine“.

But there’s another reason.

Google gives all of us a set of very cool, productive, tools that we can use from any Internet connected computer, for FREE.

They are called “Google Apps“, but I like to call them Google Tools.

To help you discover how you can get started learning about Google Tools, I’ve put together a 10 minute video that shows you where to find them, and then focuses in on one of my favorite tools… Google Drive (a free online storage area AND Word-Processor AND Spreadsheet).

Click the Video window below to watch it.

To enlarge the video full screen, click the “double-arrow” button on the right!

As always, leave any comments or questions below…


UPDATE: Now it’s called Windows 10 (NOT 9)…

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[Update: October 6, 2014] As you’ve probably heard, on September 30th Microsoft released a preview version of the new Windows, and more details about what’s coming.  The BIG NEWS was… it’s NOT going to be called Windows 9, but instead, Windows 10.  Wow! Other big news included the fact that it probably won’t be released […]

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Being on the “bleeding edge” isn’t always your best bet…

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[UPDATE: October 10th, 2014] As of this week, I’ve started telling my iPad & iPhone students that “I’m OK” with them upgrading from iOS7 to iOS8.02 (the latest iOS8 version as of this date). I’ve been using heavily now for about a week, and things are OK. BUT… I have a cautionary note for users […]

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CryptoLocker – A “bad” example of ransomware

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[UPDATE: August 10, 2014] Some good news for those affected by CryptoLocker! FireEye and Fox-It (two companies that provide corporate security solutions) have created a support web site called DeCryptCryptolocker (www.decryptcryptolocker.com). Those who are infected with CryptoLocker can go to the DeCryptCryptolocker site, which allows you to enter your email address and then upload to them one of your infected […]

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