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Wyze Cam v2 is only $20 and worth every penny!!!

Home security cameras systems have been around for a long time, but more recently, security cameras that connect directly to your WiFi (and therefore the Internet) have become the rage. The great thing about WiFi connected cameras is that you can access their pictures from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. Which means that you can use your smartphone or tablet to view live pictures of your home while you’re away. But the problem is, most of these WiFi camera systems are pricey. In the PC Magazine article “The Best Home Security Cameras of 2018” (CLICK...

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What is 5G and What Does It Mean to Me?

Every January, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) brings us a plethora of new products and ideas that invigorate the technology world. I always enjoy reading my favorite tech news authors during the CES, since they all attend, and love to pass along “big news” about futuristic predictions and what technology will affect us most during the coming year. But this year, I was especially excited when I saw the breaking news about how 5G was going to finally arrive and transform how the wireless world worked, replacing our older 4G with a system that was almost 10 times faster! ...

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FREE Seminar Time Again at AgeWell…

It’s time again for our FREE Seminars at the AgeWell Computer Education Center, at the Landing in Lincoln Nebraska. (CLICK HERE for directions to the Landing). The seminars will be on the main level of the Landing, in the auditorium. As always, we’re offering 2 different seminars, depending upon your particular interests…   Windows 10 Tips and Senior Technology Seminar Thursday, January 4th at 10:00 AM In this seminar we offer our best tips on using the new Windows 10, including the latest Fall Creators Update changes, PLUS we give you our best tips on using the latest technology including Facebook,...

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Is it time for a new iPhone battery?

Have you heard all the news about the big Apple “iPhone slow-down” conspiracy? If not, here’s the quick version of what’s going on… A technology bench-marking company, Primate Labs, reported in a December 18th blog post, that Apple iPhone 6 and 7 phones have a battery problem, where the phones start slowing down as the battery ages. Apple, on December 20th, admitted that the iOS software that came out last year, makes your iPhone 6 and 7 models run slower to offset the aging battery problem where the phone can actually shut off when the charge is low or...

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Black Friday to Cyber Monday… What’s it all about?

[Updated for November, 2017] Marketing people love an excuse for a sale. Any excuse will do. If “something” is happening, a sale can be built around that “something”. This time of year the “something” is Christmas, which is an obvious no-brainer for marketers to build sales around. But not being happy with just “Sales for Christmas”, the marketing world came up with the idea to have Sales within Sales for Christmas, by promoting the busiest retails sales days of the year as being “special days EVERYONE should go shopping on”. Of course I’m referring to the phenomena of Black Friday and all...

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