You’ve completed your book order!

I really appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to order a book on our special pre-Black Friday / Cyber Monday Book Sale!

I now have your information and will get your book ready.

As a reminder of what to do next…

If you indicated you want to send a check, make the check out to “John Lortz” and send it to:

John Lortz
11684 Meredith Ave
Omaha, NE 68164
If you indicated you want to drop a check (or cash) off at the computer lab, make the check to “John Lortz” and stop by the AgeWell Computer Education Center, 3500 Faulkner Drive, Lincoln, NE, 68516.

The lab is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and 8:00am to noon on Saturdays.

To help you make out your check, here again are the book prices.
Remember to add $2.00 for each book you want shipped via USPS.

  • Windows PC Guidebook ($25.00SALE PRICE $18.75)
  • Using Your iPad & iPhone ($25.00SALE PRICE $18.75)
  • Getting It done with Word 2010 ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Getting It done with Excel 2010 ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Using Facebook ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Buying & Selling on eBay ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Using Your Digital Camera ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Working with Pictures on Your Computer ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Fixing, Enhancing, & Restoring Your Photos ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • Creative Word Processing ($25.00SALE PRICE $18.75)
  • Staying Safe on the Internet ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)
  • PC Maintenance & Windows Tune-up ($20.00SALE PRICE $14.00)

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by calling 402.937-0926 (Voice Mail), or by emailing us at (email is always the best way to get a hold of me!)

And thanks again!