[Updated 05/15/2015]

Last year, Epsilon, a large provider of email services to many well-known companies (such as Chase, JP Morgan, JC Penny, Best Buy, and others) was hacked and private information was stolen. A very large number of people were affected by this.

The good news was, the only thing the baddies took were names and email addresses, not bank card or social security numbers. So your core privacy is still intact.

But what many saw was a fallout from the thievery in the form of increased junk mail (spam), and even phishing emails.

It’s that latter that you need to worry about, and since it might have been a while since you’ve heard about “phishing”, we thought this might be an ideal time for a reminder.

So, on the way down to Lincoln, Nebraska, to teach a class, I recorded a short, 5 minute Windshield Webcast about phishing, that you might find helpful.

To start the audio program, just click the arrow button you see at the right of the player bar here…

And be sure to leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your experiences with phishing emails!

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