If you are an Apple iPhone or iPad user, you’ve probably been following all the hoopla surrounding the release of Apple’s latest iDevice operating system… iOS7.

With today (September 18th, 2013) being the official release date, I thought it might be helpful to give you some early resources you can use to learn more about what iOS7 offers and what it’s going to look like when you upgrade to it.


NOTE:  I will be coming out with LOTS more information over the next couple of weeks, after I get a chance to REALLY take a look at it myself. So stay tuned for more articles…

I might mention that I don’t personally plan on updating ALL my devices to iOS7 quite yet.  I will be upgrading one, just so I can learn about it and pass things on to all of you, but as with any new operating system, I always like to wait a few days or even weeks, just to let the bugs work themselves out.

Having said that, here’s how you actually DO the update, when you’ve decided it’s time…

  1. Make sure you first BACKUP your device (see the article link below)
  2. Make sure you have a good WiFi connection (versus data)
  3. Plug your device in so you aren’t running off of just battery power
  4. Start the Settings App
  5. Go to General, then tap Software Update.
  6. When prompted, tap Download.

That’s it!

But again, before you do the upgrade, I suggest you read some of the articles I have listed here…


Good luck, and be sure to let me know how things go!!!