In the world of word-processing and spreadsheets, Microsoft has things nailed down with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. I’ll admit I use both of those programs on a daily basis, and couldn’t do without either. I even LIKE them!

The problem is, for a lot of folks who just do “casual” work with their word-processor or spreadsheet, laying out the $120 plus fee for using Word and Excel (as part of the Home version of Microsoft Office) is beyond their budget.

Office-Alternative-LogosBut there are alternatives!

In many of our classes, I routinely tell folks about two Office alternatives in particular…

All of them work and are worth taking a look at.

BUT… in particular today (Wednesday, September 18, 2013) you can get a 1 year license to the PRO version of Kinsoft Office 2013 for FREE.  The only catch (and it’s not much of one) is you have to either LIKE them using your Facebook account, or answer a small survey.

CLICK HERE to go to this special link…

If you happen to be reading this AFTER that date, don’t despair.  The free version is also very good, plus the company tends to run this special promotion a few times a year.  Just get onto their mailing list and they will send you notices when they do.