Author: John Lortz

Tips on Installing Apple iOS 11

It’s officially release week for iOS 11 (Tuesday, September 19, 2017, was the official release day), and I wanted to pass along a few important facts and tips for those Apple iPad and iPhone folks who are thinking of upgrading. BTW… Now that the new iOS is officially here, I can finish my completely revised and reorganized “Using Your iPad & iPhone” book, which will be available for purchase in the next few weeks.   What Devices Can Run iOS 11? Whenever Apple releases a new iOS version, certain older Apple devices are left behind, mainly because they don’t...

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CCleaner Malware Hack

By now you may have heard that a particular version of the very popular PC “cleanup” tool called CCleaner, was hacked. In this case, hacked meant that someone was able to add a “malware payload” to the CCleaner installation program so that when you or I downloaded it from the CCleaner web site, the malware rode along and was installed. Piriform, the company that owns CCleaner claims that over a million users download it each week which potentially makes the malware infection a series matter. But the good news is, only one particular version of the CCleaner software was...

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Backup Your iPad or iPhone using iTunes

Although there are different ways to backup your Apple iPad or iPhone, my favorite is using a free download from Apple called iTunes. iTunes has actually been around a long time, and was available even before we’d ever heard of “iDevices” as a free program for helping you manage your music and videos. But today it’s primarily used to synchronize your iDevice (photos, videos, music, etc.) and even better yet, to do a complete backup of your iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer. If you don’t already have it, visit and click the DOWNLOAD button to download...

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My 2017 Internet Safety Suggestions

[Updated 9/17/2017 – About the Kaspersky rumors of misbehavior – If you read about all the different accusations the media (and some in our government) have made about Kaspersky Lab, the one thing that’s lacking is any real evidence they’ve done anything wrong. CLICK HERE to read a great article on the subject by Neil Rubenking over at PC Magazine. For this reason, I personally still think Kaspersky is a great Antivirus tool.  BUT… if you’re not comfortable because of all the rumors, by all means, go to one of the other Anti-virus products!] 2016 was another banner year...

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How to Manage Your Friends on Facebook

If you use Facebook and you’re to the point where you have quite a few Friends, there’s a good chance that your Newsfeed may be moving toward that “overwhelm point”. This is what I call it when you scroll down through your Newsfeed looking for news about family and friends, and it takes a lot longer because you have to wade through lots of “junk” that you don’t really care about. Some of the junk might be the typical Facebook ads that you have no choice but to put up with. But some might be posts, pictures, videos, or...

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